Interior Design Trends 2024

Interior design trends 2024 are all about cozy luxury where plush, soft, and tactile elements meet deep comfort and enhance the mood.

‘How people want to decorate has recently shifted,’ says design icon Lee Broom. ‘For a start, we’re all craving a better outlook, and part of achieving that is to condition your brain to think more positively, which you can do by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy. Cocktail cabinets that move and rotate, furniture that’s geared towards sitting together and being convivial…anything that is a bit playful, glamorous, and dramatic is in.’

If you’re in the process of doing up your home then these trends highlighted by experts are worth taking a look at.


A big trend for 2024, Zellige tiles continue to charm homeowners and designers alike. These beautiful, hand-crafted beauties add depth and texture to spaces. Be it kitchens with zellige tiles to bathrooms or hallways, these fit into any space and add subdued glamour.

‘While it is commonly known for its use as on walls, zellige is also a unique and beautiful option for flooring,’ says Jarret Yoshida, a New York Brownstone interior designer. ‘One of the advantages of using zellige for flooring is the vast range of colors and shapes available — stars, hexagons, elongated pentagons — the options are endless. The tiles come in a wide variety of shades, from rich earth tones to bright, bold hues that somehow never become overwhelming. This makes it easy to create a visually striking floor that adds depth and texture to any room that can complement existing furniture and styles; be it contemporary or classic.’

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